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 Assembler :: Documentation :: General

68000 Microprocessor WWW Siteseng
General microprocessors links and 68k specified links

 Assembler :: Documentation :: PC/x86

Intel® Developer Resourceseng
Complete hardware documentation, tutorials, many code examples.
Agner Fog's Assembler pageeng
Excellent source for pentium 1-3 optimisation (undocumented stuff).
Also Agner can show you different random numbers generators.
ASM freaks. Memory access optimisation (undocumented stuff). - DDJ Microprocessor centereng
If you use x86 assembler - you should visit it
called "The world's leading source for pure technical x86 processor information"
XOR coderseng
x86 webringeng
Assembly Language Jornaleng
John Fine's home pageeng
Pmode programming
Pmode tutors in Asm and C
Assembly tutorialseng
"Neurotic collection of source codes, books and any resource related to assembler programming"
Art of Assembly Languageeng
Art of Assembly Language Programming and HLA by Randall Hyde
Linux/UNIX assembly language programming portal*nix/eng
Links, sources, tools
Linux Assembly Resourceslinux/ru
Links. Recommended
Iczelion's Win32 Assembly HomePagewin/eng
Lot of tutorials covers Asm coding for Windows in MASM32.
Code Reversing for Beginners & Newbies

 Assembler :: Documentation :: Amiga / 68k, PPC


Official site
m68k faqeng
comp.sys.68k faq
Amiga resource for programmers
Amiga Programming Material.
Amiga assembler pageeng
Solo's coders-pageeng
A part of the Genetic homepage. Several links, docs, not updated
The mad houseeng
Amiga Development Resources
March 95 - Balance of Powereng
(Mac-oriented magazine) Introducing PowerPC Assembly Language
Motorola PPC libraryeng
Direct link to some PPC resources on Mot site

 Assembler :: Documentation :: Gameboy Advance, Archimedes, PDA / ARM


Official ARM siteeng
Steven Singer's personal pageeng
Recommended. div, sqrt routines, optimisation, useful info for asm freaks.
Peters Acorn Programing hintseng
Routines, optimisation
Links to ARM assembler sites
Mark Rison tutorialseng

 Assembler :: Documentation :: ZX-Spectrum, Gameboy / Z80


Thomas Scherrer Z80-Family Official Support Pageeng
n.1 Tonns of documentation and links to Z80 stuff!!!
Spectrum docseng
n.1 Spectrum resource

 Assembler :: Documentation :: C64/6502


The C= Knowledge Baseeng
Commodore articles with a search engine.
C= Hackingeng
Cool C= magazine. Useful for any coder (i hope ;)

 Assembler :: Tools :: x86


NASM (official homepage)beos dos linux win/eng
Very good free portable assembler for x86 with sources. No more idiotic MASM/TASM syntax. (for linker look below)
Most powerful asm for PC. Very cool C-like macro language. Some goodies from Amiga,
not much enough however to be comparable with Amiga tools.
Another NASM official homepagebeos dos linux win/eng
WIN32NASM - Nasm unofficial homepagebeos dos linux win/eng
Links to Nasm support tools (linkers, etc...) and recommendations
PE linker for NASM
Flat ASMdos/win/eng
Good and small (~27k) assembler with minor TASM feel and sources (no linker required)
Base assembler for ReactOS kernel (no linker required)
Masm32dos win/eng
Masochist's ASseMbler. The evil son of Micro$oft. ;) IMHO
Cool PE disassembler with sources
Win32Program Disassemblereng
PE disassembler

 Assembler :: Tools :: 68k


Official TFA Home Pageamy/eng
Asm One homepage (Very good Asm IDE with poor source-level debugger)
Genetic homepageamy/eng
Asm Pro homepage (Asm One clone)
BarFly home (Very good assembler/debugger)