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More news...
 16.07.2001   New Redesign 
    As i expected at the time of previous post, the links will be not ready even at the time of new site redesign ;)
Keeping the tradition of update once in 4 months, i've uploaded source of my GBC demo "Wired" and first part of my asm tricks collection for asm coders. Some news are lost in dust, so the only new is that now i migrated to Gameboy Advance. Well, i planned to register this site somewhere so the people will know about this small resource. Soon ;-)
 09.03.2001   Redesign 
    I don't want to put here and there various "under construction" signs. Site is partially working. Several thousands links should be selective hand-sorted... hmm
 22.09.2000   New stuff 
    Several ZX-Spectrum diskimages now ready to download. Real russian ZX-Spectrum (Pentagon) or good ZX-Spectrum emulator required.