04.09.2000   Wired (demo)  [16k]
   GBDev'2000 demo compo winner. Made with party rules in mind: 32kb rom, no extra rom/ram allowed.
Soundtrack remixed from nice chip mod "black eyes" by Lizst.
 28.06.2001   Wired Source  [43k]
   ... And now sources.

   There you can find some production released by (Russian) X-Trade in period of 1996-1998.
All files are SCL diskimages of the BETADISK interface. For viewing i strongly recommended RealSpectrum (must have), ZX-Stealh, ZX-emul or R80 (bad sound) emulators with "Pentagon mode" support. Note what ZX-emul doesn't support SCL diskimages.
 22.09.2000   Illusion (demo)  [35k]
   Our first demo. Takes 1st place on Enlight'96.
 22.09.2000   Rage (demo)  [35k]
    We aimed this demo for Enlight'97, but because of delays, we have released it only 2 weeks after party.
 22.09.2000   Spectrum Expert #1 (RUS) [375k]
   Realising lack of good emags on Speccy, in 1998 we are created the Spectrum Expert issue 1.
Featuring well-selected texts, fullscreen scrolling in one videoframe, dynamic background. However you will not hear the music during diskloading like original version has, because of special disk format. It is not possible to convert it to diskimages like SCL.
 22.09.2000   Spectrum Expert #2 (RUS) [351k]
   New articles, new gfx, new code. After release we started to collect new articles for the 3rd issue, but not finished it.