This little resource contains some of projects i've done (most of them are cooperative). There are only stuff i can/want to spread.

   I grown up with russian ZX-Spectrum scene and even take some respect. Speccy scene in Russia is delayed for a long time and it still exist!
In 1996 i joined X-Trade (the _Speccy_ trade/demo group) under "Dark" nickname (no any connection with Amiga X-Trade...). With LD & Dangerous we have had created two demos, two e-mags, one very fast and powerful (for speccy) assembler (called "STORM")and some other things... Also we developed a couple of hardware expansions cards for ZX-Spectrum: General Sound (4 channel digital sound card), XTR-modem.

In ~1995-96 year i have bought the Amiga. It was fun time and i learning to code not only for Z80, but also for 68k and AmigaOS. That was my first impression how the really good Operating System should look like.
   Althought i no more owns Amiga, i'm still AmigaOS fan. Amiga = revolution, rebel ideas. The main stone behind AmigaOS is "elegance through simplicity". This is not means oversimplisity however (such as Windows). Such a ugly oversimplified operating system as Windows doesn't allow to do complex things in easy ways (or not annoying ways at least). Anyway Win32 is designed to be just a 32-bit extension of Windows 3.x. The result is overall look like hunchback with clown shoes. The only real exception is the NT m-kernel. This thing is pretty good and very fast.
   Anyway BeOS is my favourite OS for wIntel platform ;-)... Very fast and sweet enough. I like it.

Now i'm working with GAMEBOY Color / Advanced and ATMEL AVR series.

Small machines rule!

Vitaly Vidmirov